Plusnet Review – Is Plusnet Any Good?

Plusnet broadband offers a great selection of services, competitive pricing, and extremely enticing adverts. However, when it comes to signing a long-term contract with a provider you want to make sure you are doing the right thing, in this Plusnet Review we deep dive into the detail of what Plusnet are really like.

Plusnet Economical Outlook

The first thing that strikes us is the pricing of any broadband. For many students and low-wage workers, it is good news that Plusnet is one of the lowest-priced service providers in the United Kingdom.  It offers flexible options to either choose long term connections that will trim down the pricing further, or you can pay in advance and take advantage of the similar benefits.

The company works in providing some of the highly affordable offers. You can almost daily get some new form of offer. However, the offers for each region (Aka postcode) may be different. So it is a good idea to check out their official website.

Plusnet Connectivity Speed

Of course, the most important aspect of a broadband connection is speed. So how much does Plusnet offer you? There are three different options available.

  • 10 MBPS which uses ADSL broadband
  • 36 MBPS comes with a fiber-optic broadband
  • 66 MBPS with a better fiber-optic broadband

While it provides a similar level of speed to its competitors, there are some competitive companies that offer better speeds ranging from 50MBPS to 350MBPS. However, Plusnet is a good bargain for the pricing and other features it offers.

Plusnet Usage And Limits

Plusnet offers a remarkable ‘truly-unlimited’ package with each option. Thus, there is no upper limit to the data download. This aspect of Plusnet makes it worth the speed you get and the price you pay. With the modern methods and integration of the latest modules, it does not lag or reduce the speeds anymore. Therefore, you will get exactly the speed and data limits that you pay for.

There was once a time when they needed to take deliberate measures to maintain the traffic from crashing connections. It needed them to reduce speeds, which scored some negative points for them. But that is not prevalent at this point.

Plusnet Router Options

There are primarily two models that Plusnet offers to its patrons.

  • Hub Zero: A standard ADSL router that will provide you all the standard features and functions of a router. It offers connectivity and WiFi Option. Thus, it is the standard model of the company.
  • Hub One: A fiber optic router which works with dual-band and AC Wireless, offers exceptional performance and speed with uninterrupted WiFi connectivity. This version received consistent upgrades in the field of specifications to keep up with the latest models of the gadgets and offer seamless performance.

Both of these routers are very cost-effective.

The Bonus Of The TV Addition

Patrons have an option to add a Plusnet TV To their connection plan. This is a YouView Box that offers around 20 extra channels, and you can opt for kids’ channels, HD versions, and so on. The company is still fairly new in this spectrum and trying its best to offer the customer some of the best features.

However, it still needs some improvement and more connection with the channels. But with the price and the package you get? It is not a bad deal at all for the sake of entertainment and to add a TV connection in your house at very convenient pricing.

For any sports enthusiast out there, BT Sport is a nice addition that you can get. This comes with the TV package and offers you the ease of watching free premier league matches.  It is available with the Plusnet TV option, and you can use it to watch sports online, and even use the app to do the same. There is a Skybox option available for your ease, as well. However, it does not offer online streaming or app connectivity, and you will be limited to your Television Set.

Landline Connection

Every broadband connection comes with a landline phone that you can use. Plusnet offers you the same with a pay-as-you-go option. Thus, you will pay according to the usage of the landline. There are other packages available with enticing offers such as Unlimited Local Calls (UK), different charges or discounted charges during the weekend, or according to time such as evening calling package. Additionally, you can also choose international call options that can connect you to 35 different countries at highly affordable rates.

Overall, it is a simple addition of a landline to your house. While it offers a range of packages, it lacks features and other options that many other companies may offer with their landlines. However, their landline calling facility is not only for landline to landline but to mobile phones as well. Thus, making them a wholesome addition to your collection. This is not something other companies easily provide and usually have higher rates for these packages.

Other Aspects Of Plusnet

Plusnet is not only a service provider for broadband, but also offers SIM Cards for mobiles. Similar to the broadband packages, Plusnet offers competitive pricing for mobile users. Additionally, you can reap the benefits of a mobile connection along with a broadband connection in a combo.

Plusnet offers exceptional customer service that is located in Yorkshire. These experts possess apt skills and knowledge to rectify any problem and answer any query. It is a quick, effective, and highly satisfactory service that Plusnet pays attention to.

In the field of security measures, Plusnet SafeGuard is a great layer of security for shady websites, hacking, and malware. It also offers parental control. Furthermore, there is an anti-virus that can provide security for up to eight devices in a single package purchase named Plusnet Protect. SafeGuard comes with the broadband complimentary.

Plusnet Review Conclusion – So Where Does That Bring Us?

Plusnet has shown some diligence in improving its services and offering cost-efficient packages. It has distinguished itself by offering speed that many higher-priced companies offer while maintaining an affordable range for customers. More importantly, they have fantastic additions, like TV and mobile SIMs. If you ever run into a problem, their customer care is available to tackle and solve any issue.

While it may not be as featureful as many other providers, if you are looking for cheap but high powered and secure broadband connection, Plusnet is a great choice. It is a provider that will get the job done, and you won’t regret investing in its long term packages.